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Atualmente o artista vive e trabalha em São Paulo - Brasil


A colorful range of cultural textures, either sensed or imagined, revealing a mestizied aesthetic that beautifully embodies mixed personal background roots, insights and visions. The young Brazilian artist demonstrated a gifted sensibility and skilled expressivity of freely applied imagination, as single and superlative sensorial experience.


Ramon demonstrates a fluid spirit that crafts a collage of possibilities and reconfigurations. A kaleidoscopic universe that mirrors a deep and abundant essence rebelliously styled by street culture repertoire and combined to academic reflections. Since his debut Ramon kept on impressing with an uncommon style, layering an eclectic mix of approaches, languages and techniques.


The fabric of his universe is recognized by woven themes and elements as wild tropical nature, organic decorative sketches, Brazilian baroque motifs, urban street culture, Asian antique tradition, pop culture and its counterculture, mass solitude and anonymous portraits. But this texture would be fully demonstrated at best when challenged in great proportions.


In 2009 he was invited to take part of the first edition of the R.U.A Festival: Reflex on Urban Art in Rotterdam, which brought him great visibility and projection. It was at this occasion that Ramon Martins presented one of the most sparkling artwork of his career, “Love Spreads”, 2009.

Following the success of his open air presentation in Rotterdam, Ramon went on to take part at the exhibition “De Dentro Para Fora De Fora Para Dentro” (“From Inside Out and Outside In”), 2009 at MASP – Museum of Art Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, which celebrated the appreciation of a record audience of over 140 thousand visitors in a period of 10 weeks, according to Choque Cultural Gallery, co-curator of the exhibition.


A sharp geopoetic is notable in his work. He articulates beautiful visual poetry from a wide vocabulary of places, times, cultures, behaviors and values. There is vibrancy, excitement and melancholia that despite the explosive visual exuberance, infuses an introspective connection. It sensually illuminates an oneiric realism, sharing with us possibilities to think differently about ourselves.


His work is often featured on publications of graffiti fine art, street art, urban art and mural art as one of the most innovative and eclectic Brazilian painters of his generation. These are formal recognition of his contribution and participation in Brazilian Street Art movement and cutting edge contemporary theme and style aesthetics.

His artwork is represented in Brazilian major institutional collections including the MAM-RJ Museum of Modern Art, RJ/BR and MASP Museum of Art Sao Paulo, SP/BR. He has presented his work in murals and exhibitions in Brazil and Europe


Ramon Martins currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.



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